Square Peg ● Round Hole







As the preparation is complete, the anxiety of travel looms.  It would not matter if we were flying or driving, I have combined a recipe of the most off-the-wall scenarios that will surely happen to us.   You see, in my world, if you prepare for the worst, then you will be pleasantly surprised regarding the outcome.   Are you understanding the tainted world that exists in my head?

We left the house this morning at 4:30 to escape the traffic which served us well.  Four hours into the excursion, I was feeling more relaxed and open to the possibility of the day going smoothly.   Once I let my guard down, jamming to some Earth, Wind and Fire, I was lurched forward.  Brian, who had actually seen the car behind him swerve into our lane and rear-end us, had a look of surprise.  As we pulled over to check the damage, we watched the vehicle seemingly cruise away as if we were a gnat on his windshield.    God ALWAYS has a plan, so the vehicle was fine (the boys, including Brian, like to say things like, “screw it, it’s a rental), which would be amusing had I not been in a state of shock.  Fortunately, there was no damage and we were fine.  Oh, and a few minutes later, we came up on him, but no confrontation was held as the safety of my family  outweighs giving someone a piece of my mind.   Karma has a price and I am sure there was a reason he chose not to stop.    Not mine to understand, but I did say a prayer for him.  I am sweet like that.  Of course, that was after I strewed several obscenities together announcing my disbelief, but the rest of the day unfolded magically.

We arrived with everything intact including our sense of humor.  I am currently residing on a balcony overlooking the ocean.   The exhale has arrived and I am pleasantly optimistic about our adventure.    What other tidbits will my Higher Power introduce me to this week?  Whatever comes my way, I hope I handle it as well as I did the today.