Square Peg ● Round Hole







I feel like it has been ages since I produced a piece for my blog.  In all actuality, it has only been a couple of days, but when I don’t write regularly it makes me feel a little off balance. So, we are getting ready to escape for a week to soak up some rays and just simply be.   The tedious preparation for our family trips lies anywhere from several pages of lists to winging it.   This trip, I have combined the essence of both and frankly, I need a vacation before the vacation.

I pack as if we were going to Mars, where there isn’t any sign of a civilized place to purchase items that have been forgotten.   My brain, a dandy substitute for a hamster wheel, delights in repeating things and then eliminating them when I try to remember what I was doing.   Keep in mind that there are other members of the family, but I seem to think I am the only one that can successful pack.   This being said, there have been numerous times that someone was without underwear.   The struggle is real.

It is so amusing to me how stressed I can get while preparing to go to the beach to relax.   The insanity that I feel will hopefully be relegated to this moment, and I will be able to free the cray cray thoughts rattling in my mind.   My family, God love them, are patient during this time of transition and manage to not leave me on the side of the road.