Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have a secret to share……..when you make plans, God laughs.  It’s true.   Somehow, in the flurry of life, I have forgotten who is really in charge.   Yesterday, as I tackled final preparations for my scheduled 10 am knee surgery, I was jolted by a phone call from the surgery center stating that my surgery would be at 4 pm, not 10 am.    That was unnerving because I had plans.   Plans of who would take me.  Plans of how the day would look.   I had PLANS!!!!!    After the shock wore off, I was pleasantly surprised at the shift of my outlook.

I didn’t have to get up early.  I didn’t have to crate the dogs for a long period of time.  I could eat breakfast.   Those are just a few pros to this.  While I am anxious about the procedure which is natural, I am grateful that I am not spending the bulk of my day in waiting.   It isn’t ideal, but God knows a whole lot better than I do. Sometimes I just need a reminder.

While I appear flexible, I am not.  I have internal control issues that are exacerbated by outside obstacles.    I am learning to let go, but if I am fearful or anxious, my need to be in the driver’s seat takes the lead.    It is a process that I am slowly learning to navigate, but since I am still a willing subject, that is the only ingredient needed to live an uncomplicated existence.   I just need to let God take the wheel and not be a backseat driver.