Square Peg ● Round Hole







I was a little out of reach this weekend as I explored a girl’s getaway to the lake.  While the weather didn’t cooperate, there was a lot of sunshine generated through the bond of friendship.   These women have been my friends for over thirty years.  We haven’t always been consistent in our gatherings, but when we do come together, we pick up where we left off like no time has past.

The ability to disconnect from our lives and be transparent is the most empowering gift women can offer each other.   Truthfully, this weekend allowed us to share our struggles, laugh at our aging parts, and empower each other.   Being brutally honest on our hopes for one another and frankly, it is just what the doctor ordered.    Oh, and maybe the fact that they babied me and my healing knee added an extra layer of love to the package.

Women need a support system.  While we all have a variety of friends, if you are fortunate enough to have a group who have walked through the seasons of life changes, count yourself blessed.     We value each other….. flaws and all.    We are walking similar paths with aging parents and kids ready to leave the nest.    Like I said, we might not connect on a regular basis, but they are a solid group of women who only want the best for one another.

I laughed as I drove home this morning cloaked in a blanket of gratitude how our conversations in high school centered around boys, boys, and boys and maybe, how mean the nuns were to us and how different, authentic, and deep our level of interaction is today.     I am a better person for knowing them.