Square Peg ● Round Hole







After having a non productive eleven days, I finally feel like myself.   I am sure God is amused when I refer to those days as non productive as my body is actively healing, so that is going for me.  Honestly, I am just a tad squirrely.    I am ready to move on from this bump in the road and get on with my life.   However, my knee isn’t necessarily on the same page with the rest of my being.

Today, has been a good day.  Isn’t it funny how we measure productivity by how many things have been crossed off a list?  Well, my list has been tackled, my bed has clean sheets, and hell, I even put dinner in the crock pot.     In between all of my busyness, I iced my very swollen knee which I seem to ignore because I am busy being busy.   Yes, I gave myself a stern talking to and am now propped up in bed, being a good patient, while typing this entry for my blog.

I don’t think I am the only woman who has a hard time slowing down.    It is a constant battle of balance.    Here is the deal……..my fear is that this moment of impairment is the prelude for more knee issues, which my friends, is the introduction to aging.  Now, with that logic, one would think I would immediately put on the brakes and self-care until the fat lady sings, but my brain doesn’t work that way.

I am really okay with the aging process on two conditions……1. that I don’t look my age and 2.   I don’t feel my age.   I don’t think I am asking too much, but my knees are singing a different song.   So, I suppose, I will allow my joints to dictate the healing process as long as it is a short term arrangement.