Square Peg ● Round Hole







After banging my head against a wall….literally and figuratively…..I decided to take back my parental power and obtain a device that will instill time limits for the boys and their electronic usage.  Keep in mind, my issue is contained to both boys, but especially Bailey.  For those of you who believe Bailey is as sweet as pie, you have either turned a blind eye or don’t know him.  When it comes to his food and electronic relationships, he is vicious.   Like a guard dog, his response to me going to bed on time is a marriage of eye rolls and grumbling. The real issue is his tablet partnered with Netflix.  Bailey would stay up all night with these devices going strong, but now I have a secret weapon.

I purchased a product by Disney called Circle after I had heard about the benefits of being able to manage the household devices including gaming systems, which I just figured out this morning.    You can only imagine the euphoric feeling that I have over being able to limit time spent on these mind-numbing contraptions.  Even better, I can put a bedtime on them, so Bailey has no choice, but to wrap up his evening and go to bed.   I am so winning this motherhood gig.   You see, I needed to reign in the little heathens and their ability to snag the loopholes.  They are always ahead of the game and are able to keep up with technology, so I am grateful for my new friend – Circle.

Now, while I was all cocky in my attempt, Bailey smirked and told me that I couldn’t control the television.  You see, he watches Netflix through the X-Box and I instantly felt defeated….until I found that gaming system under the list of devices.   Take that you little smarty pants.

The only issue was that I hadn’t realized that Brian’s devices were combined with Bailey’s, so all of the devices turned off at 11 pm and turn back on at 8 am. Whoops…although it was amusing, I created a profile for Brian with no time limits.  He was a tad pissed.  Oh well…..

The power of authority has shifted and is resting peacefully with me.   Boundaries and limits are an important part of parenting.  I am so glad Disney helped me outsmart the system aka my children.