Square Peg ● Round Hole







If you remember my Mother’s Day blog last year, you might guess that I am on the same path.  If you don’t remember, let me just summarize……..we really don’t need a commercial day designated to the sole purpose of creating unrealistic expectations for our loved ones.   Why cram in all in one day when you can spread the love the other 364 days a year?   Okay, I ruffled a few feathers last year with this basic wisdom, but let me expand on it once again.

Yes, I love being a mother.  Yes, I was raised by a strong maternal force who taught me to be self reliant among other things and yes, I am still fortunate to have a mother in my life. Now, let’s talk about all the women who are mothers in an unconventional way.  I have friends who are fosters to the unwanted child.  I have friends who would give anything to have their own children, but are unable to.  I have friends who shower their love on four-legged fur babies. I have friends who are motherless.  This day can be sad for many.   Society dictates how motherhood looks and I am over the limitation of the day.

As I shared last year, statistically, most mothers were probably disappointed at their designated day.  From experience, I had a high standard and then when it wasn’t met, there was a price…..my sanity.    I don’t need a $5 card, an expensive meal, or any of the other multitude of items that represents the love a child has for their mother.     I know I am loved.  I know I am appreciated.   The evidence has been clear the last few weeks of recovering from surgery as I have been less than happy and they still come home.   They still value me even at my worst.  That is a true Mother’s Day miracle, my friends!  If I could leave myself, trust me, I would have been out the door.    I am teetering on  Joan Crawford meets Godzilla.    The struggle is real, but the love and patience my boys have shown makes me proud of the young men they have become.

So, those of you that adore this day…….fantastic.   Enjoy it!  Savor it!    But, let’s remember those who represent motherhood in other ways and not devalue their contribution.     Be gentle and loving to those that feel pain on this day.