Square Peg ● Round Hole







Like with any sort of change, I have an adjustment period.   Today, marks the end of Bryce’s sophomore year, which by the way, went faster than a speeding bullet.   With that, we celebrate the occasion by having lunch out and anticipating what the next three months hold.    For me, summer break brings a litany of uncertainty.    I know, I know, so many mothers live for the season of freedom.  Freedom from schedules and responsibilities, but this summer seems a tad different.

Bryce has a job, service opportunities with church, and a barrage of other fulfill obligations.  Bailey has camp and a social life that rivals Paris Hilton (much more tasteful, of course).   I am not the weepy Mom by any means, but I do miss the component of allowing ourselves to have the freedom to completely chill out and occupy a sense laziness.

Now, even though my kids seems to be off and running,  I am becoming aware of a new found reality………this could be the mother of all summers…..pardon the pun.   I can create a fun, energetic, lazy summer without the participation of my kids.   While they are fantastic to be around, I need to remember that they will be leaving the nest soon.  It is inevitable and if I grow slowly into the realm of acceptance, then the prospect of change won’t be as daunting.    It is another reminder that I have a life and will continue to have one even after the kids are gone.