Square Peg ● Round Hole







As I sit on my bed on this beautiful Kentucky morning, I am reminded of two things…….life is very good and I am so proud to live in this beautiful state.  The first Saturday in May is Louisville’s largest party with an extended invitation to the world.  There is no shortage of beautiful horses, fashionable people, and bourbon.   It is an iconic day that serves as a reminder that anything can happen and long shots are more celebrated than the favorites.

Recovering from this kind of surgery has been a mental, physical and spiritual journey.  I feel a bit like the long shot as my expectations for a speedy recovery have dwindled, and I am left with the realization that this process will take more time than anticipated.   My life has been a series of epic battles…..some are personal while others are a bit more within the public eye.  Most have involved the underdog status as the results have been short of miraculous.   I don’t label myself courageous or extraordinary, but I do define myself by the handling of some of my more rigorous experiences.

Life is comprised with a variety of battles and races.  Sometimes, we rise up in victory and other times we crumble in defeat.    Either way, we are made a little bit tougher, stronger, and more resilient.    Right now, as I continue the healing process, I am finally in the phase of acceptance.   The odds are not in my favor that this recovery is going to be easy, but I am willing to accept the challenge.     While I might be at the back of the pack right now, this long shot is up for winning the race.