Square Peg ● Round Hole







I think that a common thread among people is figuring out where we are going, what our purpose is, and if God’s plan is as good as our own.   From personal experience, God’s plan is absolutely better than mine, but it is only natural that I would like to contribute my thoughts and ideas.   He accommodates me, but in the end, it is His will that triumphs.

Yesterday, the hubs and I celebrated twenty-four years of marriage.  It sounds like a long time because it is.   What I know is that those twenty-four years have been far from perfect.  If anything, the challenges faced put us through a cycle of learning opportunities that seemed endless.   If I am being honest, I would say the last ten years have been the best portion of our journey.

We are on the cusp of our new position as parents when we aren’t needed as much.  This allows us to plan things that we want to do as opposed to always considering the kids and their schedules.     It opens the door for more traveling……Germany in June 2017 and possibly Portugal/Spain in October 2017.    It is the process of no longer sitting on the sidelines, but taking charge and moving forward to create our best life.

The future is full of surprises.  Sure, there will be challenges, but I am armed with a secret weapon……my willingness to explore the possibilities even if it is difficult.    God’s timing is always perfect……I just have to be patient with his time table.