Square Peg ● Round Hole







If you read my blog frequently, you are aware of how much I detest these commercial holidays, but I am powerless in that regard.  In the spirit of the day, and any day for that matter, I will reminisce about the impact my father had on my life.

First, of all, he accepted me, flaws and all.  He was the person I could count on the most.   A champion of my success, he had my back, regardless of what stupid decision that I had made.    He was present for me and although, there was a point in my life that I questioned his actions, I always knew that his heart served with the best of intentions.

I am grateful he was able to have a relationship with both of my boys and that they remember him.    That Bryce can play chess because of my father’s incredible patience with a five year old and that Bailey will periodically comment about how much he misses his Pawpaw.     He made an impact on them even if it was a small window of time.

Probably my biggest gratitude was having the privilege of having a long conversation with him the night before he died.    He called and we chatted for over an hour about everything and about nothing.  The experience was so profound and full of foreshadowing, that it truly represents how God gives us these gifts of precious moments that should never be taken for granted.  I was present when he took his last breath and have thought of how honored I was to experience him leaving this world even if a piece of my heart went with him.

Everyday is a celebration of his life and the legacy that he left behind.   I was blessed to have had such a loving, forgiving, and present father, who taught me the power of believing in myself.   He was and still remains my biggest cheerleader.