Square Peg ● Round Hole







As a child, I had a very creative imagination.  I would play for hours pretending to live in a large apartment where I was successful and powerful.   Scenarios of a life filled with endless possibilities, that danced in my head, enabled me to experience any life that I saw fit.  There were no boundaries.   It was limitless.

Fast forward to being an adult and I am plagued by limitations.   Of course, they are my own limitations.   Responsibilities trump the imagination and I forget that I can still dream and those dreams are reachable.    My reminder came yesterday when Bailey brought home a vision board.    I used to make them all of the time, and was giddy when I would see many of the thoughts and ideas come to fruition.    However, his struck me and warmed my heart.  You see, society and even myself, are guilty of limiting his potential because he has Down syndrome.   The miracle that I am witnessing is that he sees no boundaries on what he can be or have in this life.

I think, as adults, we are always waiting.  Waiting for the kids to grow up.  Waiting for retirement.  Waiting to have more money.   However, what I know is there are no guarantees.   What am I waiting for?   Well, I can tell you that Bailey’s vision board was like a wake up call.  He invited me to participate in dreaming again and to take the steps needed to make those dreams a reality.