Square Peg ● Round Hole







As I trolled Facebook yesterday, it was alarming the amount of people who had posts that are not remotely factual.  All these “copy and paste” themed posts that scream outrage at accounts being hacked and if you “copy and paste” this to your wall, somehow that will deter hackers and alert friends.  Please…..if they are going to hack your account, a copy and paste message is not going to help.  However, I am sure these individuals assume that if it is on the internet and presented on social media, then it is FACTUAL.

I am stunned at how gullible we have become.  No one checks sources.  Reports are shot from the hip and corrected as the true details are revealed.    Reliability has gone extinct and frankly, it is frightening.

My head just about popped off, when I kept seeing intelligent friends posting that “within 48 Disney is going to pick a winner of a vacation if you repost that post”.  Seriously, people, if it sounds to good to be true, then it is.    Here is what is scary…..people buying into those scam posts are viable voters.  Therefore, they will be helping to pick the next president.  Keep in mind, if they aren’t going to research a post that sounds too good to be true, then chances are they have no clue where the candidates stand on certain policies.

Yes, I sound a tad irritated, and rightly so.  There is too much misinformation floating around and I don’t understand why that doesn’t make people more vigilant.  Are we really allowing ourselves to become a social media reliant society that believes everything is factual?  God, I hope not.   It is terrifying enough that there are people who are basing political decisions on using the hate card, but then combine it with a total lack of facts you have a recipe for disaster.

Maybe, I am wrong, but my perception is that we are a lazy society, whose gullible nature will get us in to trouble.   In the meantime, I will resume binge watching Netflix in order to escape the reality of our “copy and paste/sharing this post” epidemic.   The struggle is real folks and most of the posts I see are not.