Square Peg ● Round Hole







With my black satchel loaded with a notebook, pens, and my assignments for the day, I strolled into my writing class at long last.    Months have gone by without my participation which has felt like part of me had been put on hold.    With my knee surgery and slow healing process, I have delayed returning only to be reminded that it is time I get back in the saddle.    Why is it that we are always waiting?  Waiting for something to change that allows us to move forward.     It is a conundrum.

My knee is far from healed, but even the swift pain and the slight limp would not keep me from entering my happy place.    This is the euphoric place filled with like-minded individuals who all have their unique journey and are trying desperately to fill their creative itch by empowering themselves and one another.    The room sizzles with thought provoking conversation and my brain overloads with ideas to contemplate for future projects.   It is the ideal jump start that I needed and I left feeling full and hopeful.

It is the very thought that reminds me that life isn’t waiting for me.   It keeps moving swiftly and steadily with or without my participation.     There is no pause button or a brake that I can press to take a timeout, it simply flows like a moving sidewalk.   My break was necessary and not frivolous in any capacity, but I was stunted during that time.

Now I am back with my writing group which makes my heart smile.  While the people are new, the premise of breathing new life into my writing process is the same.   It gives me a fresh perspective and a willingness to step out of my comfort zone.   While the ideas have been dormant, they are quickly floating to the surface.    It is like a welcome home hug from a long lost friend and it elevates my spirit which is actually what I need to heal…..emotionally, spiritually, and physically.