Square Peg ● Round Hole







On my birthday, there is a lot to celebrate.   I have survived forty-nine years of a life that God created for me.     There is a list of accomplishments, learning opportunities, and a litany of things yet to experience.     Today, I do it differently because I am not relying on others to boast me up.  I am not holding people hostage by setting unrealistic standards on how this particular celebration should go.   Instead, I am merely happy to be alive, vibrant, and most of all, willing to continue to move forward.

Social Media has LOTS of cons, but birthdays deliver an abundance of well wishes from a variety of individuals.    It is like a huge blanket of love that gives me tremendous gratitude that others have taken the time to send their congratulations to me being around for another lap around the sun.

It is a powerful reminder on the importance of my journey and being vigilant in seeking those relationships built on a foundation of authenticity.     My journey of recovery has taught me how to do things differently.  It has provided a segue that allows others to own their feelings without me taking it personally.   To love from a distance simply because it is the right thing for me and being okay for others to not understand.    Basically, it has allowed me to captain my own ship.     What a beautiful gift to give myself while respectfully honoring others.

There is much to celebrate, not just today, but everyday.   My life is full and I don’t think I have ever been happier.  Of course, there are struggles, conflict, and drama, but today, those are riding in the trunk of my car called life.     Breathe in the good shit and simply exhale the bullshit…….the recipe for celebrating life.