Square Peg ● Round Hole







Unless you live under a rock, you are aware of the events that have transpired over twenty-four hours ago.    Trying to wrap myself over how others can inflict harm on groups that don’t represent what they feel is “right” is beyond my comprehension.    How religious orders claim that “God sent the shooter because being gay is wrong”.  How both sides of the political arena are sending “thoughts and prayers” but no action to improve how our society operates is taken.      Being ignorant has been a long standing plague in this country.   It is a cancer that spreads when fear is added to the mixture.

Sadly, nothing changes if nothing changes.    So, what can I do from my little corner of the world to make a difference?  Well, for one thing, treating everyone you encounter with courtesy and respect.   Being tolerant of others even if you don’t understand their beliefs or agree with their opinions.    Making a difference in just one person’s life can start the journey of love and acceptance.   Be kind and pay it forward.   Oh, and stop HATING!!!

I am waiting for the day that we can regain our confidence in being safe.   I am waiting for the day when the news is more of how united this country is rather than how many more lost their lives due to ignorance and intolerance.   I long for the day peace is a more acceptable solution than killing others.    I am waiting.