Square Peg ● Round Hole







Today, I started my day rushed.  Not really present in the moment, I hastily ran around gathering my belongings and headed out to my writing class.   This is a haven for me.  Surrounded with creative minds, we nurture the craft and encourage one another.   Since this was our last class, I found myself mildly sad at the prospect that some of these ladies will not be in our next session.   I drove in a daze.  Distracted by the refrigerator still not working correctly and trying to think about when it would be a good time to have my knee replacement, I had the awareness that all of those decisions and worries are not an emergency.

I entered the room with a smile on my face even though I was grimacing in pain because of my knee and my peer writing set to be shared was far from complete.   Putting my writing out for public scrutiny is scary although our group uses only positive feedback, it can still be intimidating.     As always the moment I sit down and greeted the group, I had an instant sense of peace…..a true belonging.     It brought me back to the moment and allowed me to be truly present.

As the class was concluding, I noticed a text from my youngest.   Since he has started driving, I always have my phone beside me because, well, I am a Mom.   So, I was concerned since he was suppose to be at football practice and he knew I was in a workshop.   Immediately, as I read the words he sent to me, I realized that despite the worries of the world and those in my own corner of the planet, there is kindness and my kid is a true example.   Here is the gist of his text:

“Had to go back to Trinity because pictures started at 1.  There is tomato soup from Panera for you and some other things in the bag.”

I didn’t ask for lunch, but he randomly thought of someone else.   My real hope for our world is that we each show kindness toward each other.  Little things like my son’s act speaks volumes.