Square Peg ● Round Hole








About six months ago, I delighted in the idea of hosting a surprise party for my soon to be 85 year old mother.    So, we are less than a week from the date and the crazy train has just arrived in the station for me to board.   You see, I start out wanting to keep it simple, but it ends up like a circus in my head.

Here is part of my issue…..I am a control freak.   I want perfect weather to match the perfect seating arrangement outside.   If the weather doesn’t cooperate, then I need to configure the inside seating.   I am having some landscape work done as well and I was seriously considering having the entire backyard redone in new sod to hide the brown areas where the dogs pee.  Yes, the struggle is real.

So far my mother is clueless or at least she is humoring me.   I have twisted the truth about everything and it is getting harder and harder to keep up with those tiny white lies .    I am surprising her with my “bonus” sister on Friday and hosting the party on Saturday.  I know everything will work out and the only real obstacle is me.    My family are good sports and take my irrational fears with a grain of salt.  Nobody cares about the brown spots on my lawn, or the dust on my furniture, they just want to celebrate my mom.   That is the primary purpose, but because I am a slow learner and forget quickly, so I will keep getting on and off the crazy train until the party has begun.