Square Peg ● Round Hole







Transforming oneself is a daunting task.  Built from a foundation laid by our own circumstances, it is easy to become comfortable in the cycle.   When I journeyed on my emotional cleanse over a year ago, I did so with great reluctance.   I came from the belief system that you “suck up” your feelings and do anything you can, not to make anyone else uncomfortable.   This has been the way I have operated my entire life, which isn’t all bad until you no longer are able to define where you are in the scenario.

As I look back on the process, I am pleasantly surprised on how lighter I feel.  It is as though the relationships that were weighing me down, once released, allowed me to finally get in touch with me again.    In the process of the evolution, I am mindful that what others think or feel is simply, none of my business.   When those affected by the disconnection are confused, it is only natural that they come from a place of hurt, annoyance, and even anger.   In time, there is a universal benefit for changing the dynamics of a toxic relationship.

As I relinquish my attachment to the past, there is one thing that has become apparent….. I am becoming more and more comfortable about speaking my truth, saying “no” without any explanation, and knowing that my relationships today are built on a solid mutual foundation balanced by a deep respect for other people’s decisions – even if I don’t agree with them.    My gratitude is that every relationship imparts a lesson……I just have to be present to learn it.