Square Peg ● Round Hole







I would say that many times when faced with a challenge, there is a part of me that cringes.   Sometimes it is fear, other times it may simply be the task seems so overwhelming.    When Bailey entered my life, his challenges defied limitations because I advocated.  I fought.   Sometimes I won and other times, I walked away – maybe not victorious, but with a better sense of my adversary.

The only way to describe my job as a weekly columnist is pure bliss.   I love seeing beautiful homes, having a flexible schedule, along with meeting interesting people, it truly brings me happiness.    The fact that I get paid to write is a bonus.   Something that many writers lack is a consistent paycheck, so I feel very blessed that I can check that off my list.

Recently, after eight and a half years, I asked for a raise.   I don’t know about anyone else, but asking for an increase in pay is somewhat terrifying and intimidating.   It is the supreme act of self-advocating.    Funny, I can advocate the for someone else, but to do the same act for myself is difficult.   So, I asked and patiently waited.  I laid out all the ways that I activated the social media platform to increase interest and described my love for what I do.   When I heard back, the email praised me and then challenged me…….a raise would be given if I could increase my Facebook Home of the Week page to 2000 and my Pinterest followers to 300.    I never once was annoyed at the request, instead, my response was an immediate, “challenge accepted”.   It gave me a chance to create various ways of creating more of a following plus it allowed me to beg a little.  Even this blog is currently being used as a vessel for my goal.    If you are reading this, consider a random of kindness by following me on Pinterest (Courier-Journal Home of the Week) and my Home of the Week Facebook page.   There is always a way to defeat a challenge.  Sometimes, it is all about creativity.