Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have shared before that I am not enjoying my current residence on menopause island.    It is bad enough gravity has decided to go on vacation, but rational thinking has left as well.  Sometimes, I wonder if maybe I was a bad landlord.    All of the viability of my 20s and 30s  deserted me for probably someone younger and less volatile.

Yesterday was definitely not my finest example of being remotely sane.    It all started with my annoyance that people were breathing and then it went downhill from there.  The only benefit was that my entire family was so intimidated that they did their household chores without  one complaint.    That was a miracle.

Living in a house full of testosterone can actually be a Godsend in this matter simply because I am not competing with anyone for the biggest bitch award.    I win it hands down every…. single…. time.    My guys are forgiving as after the extensive “bitch” period is over, I always offer an amends.    Hopefully, this is a good lesson for my boys as this is their future if they choose to take a wife.    By being a good model for insanity, they will be prepared or they will be single….either way they have the information.

I am not fond of the lunatic that I have become, but I must say it does provide me with decent writing material and frankly, I am sure that a few of my readers get my gist.   It would have been helpful to be warned.     I don’t remember the copy of “Our Bodies, Our Selves”, that was given to me as a substitution for the “talk” mentioning this wonderful time in my life.  However, even if it did, I would have laughed it off as being an exaggeration of some unhappy women trying to scare the younger generation.

It is what it is.   Learning to navigate the ins and outs of this stage in my life has been a challenge.  I can honestly state that I haven’t murdered or maimed anyone……yet.  Hopefully, everyone will proceed through this life change unscathed.   I am too busy keeping up with the facial hair that has confused me with Grizzly Adams.