Square Peg ● Round Hole







While it would be a tad boring, there are times when I wish life was presented to me in a pretty gift box with an elaborate bow.  Upon opening it, there would be nothing but sunshine and rainbows.  Easy. Simple. Uncomplicated.

Well, my experience tells me that a life uncomplicated would be mundane and the obstacles I have hurdled wouldn’t have allowed me to gain perspective and dare I say, wisdom.  By now, you are as sick of hearing about my knee as I am talking about it.   My surgery is scheduled, insurance has approved it, and here I am sitting here planning my recovery.   Funny, how I think I have control over the outcome.   In this situation, I must be prepared to expect the unexpected.  Which is complicated for a chronic planner.  Then I hear a voice tell me to WAIT (Why Am I Thinking).   Thinking gets me into trouble.   Here is when I know I have reached the point of no return……I am planning to go to a football game within a week and a half after my surgery.  Of course, I will be in a wheelchair (I am not a lunatic), but, honestly, for me to plan anything at this point is lesson of urging me to stay in the present.

The ability to look at any given situation – good or challenging (noticed I refuse to use the word bad) – gives me an unique perspective that are loaded with blessings.   First, I have asked for help….meals, transportation, etc., and people are stepping up.  Second, I am ready, scared, but ready.  I want to fully participate in life – pain free.

In the meantime, I will continue to do the next right thing which includes me not going “cray cray” over the unknowns.    God’s plan is unfolding.  The unexplained cancellation that allowed me to have the surgery August 9 versus October or November, surgery right before school starts, Brian’s flexibility at work because of his promotion,  and the list goes on as proof that I am being cared for despite my control issues.    Just remembering that all is well will be the mantra that brings me to the other side which happens to feature a dynamic new knee.