Square Peg ● Round Hole







Perusing the news feeds and posts on social media, I am again confused at the tone.   The constant barrage of bullying, name calling, and other means of intimidation are ripe for the picking.   Mind you, these are adults.    Apparently, if one doesn’t agree with another’s point of few, you are called names like, and not limited to……moron, idiot, dumb, stupid, etc.  Mind you in the next breath, these same individuals are asking for prayers for those touched by the recent violence.    It is a tangled web of contradiction.

Sadly, I am left with a feeling of hopelessness that are society is so angry that we have closed our hearts and minds to others, who may think differently, but have every right to those opinions.   Then, there are those who insist they are not “racist”, but sadly, we all are to a degree.     It isn’t a judgement, but a fact and the reality is that it affects all ethnic groups.  So, to just infer whites are prejudice against blacks is only part of the tattered blanket of hope.  It is universal.   In order for us to truly come together, we need to understand each other.  Notice I didn’t say AGREE.  Understanding where we come from is imperative.   It will allow us to unify as a society and appreciate that while the views of others might not gel with ours, they still have value.

The damage to our youth is catastrophic since they are watching, listening, and taking the ideals of the older generation and adopting their reactions and views.   It is sickening and exhausting.   I guess the only positive that I can find is that it has opened the conversation with my boys.   Trying to impart some sort of wisdom in this time of upheaval is difficult, but sharing that even if others don’t agree with our views, we are all still valuable.