Square Peg ● Round Hole







I figured it was only fitting that I write some sort of thank you to the knee that, well, has supported me through the years.    Frankly, until something goes wrong, we take for granted the strength and endurance one’s body has in order to just get through the day.  All the nerves, muscles, and cells in constant motion so little ole me can function.  So, in the spirit of fond farewells, here is my thank you note to my decrepit knee.

Dear right knee (or snap, crackle, and pop as you have been affectionately renamed),

Thank you for your service.  You have been supporting me since 1967.  I am sure it hasn’t been easy, but you have done an excellent job until recently.  Honestly, it really isn’t your fault.  After all, my flat feet and short stature haven’t been very accommodating along with my insane obsession with boot camp a few years ago.

Thank you for keeping me upright during my ice skating, ballet, and roller skating as a kid.  Those things gave me great pleasure and bring me back to a time where other people made decisions for me and life was uncomplicated.

Thank you for going along with some of my crazy adventures.   You were right with me as I hiked, rappelled, crawled through caves, all while being a camper then a counselor for several summers before college.    You allowed me to experience life on the edge, which has been a gift.

Thank you for allowing me to tour Italy with limited pain.   You stuck with me while we walked for hours touring beautiful churches, historic landmarks and absorbing the culture.  It was a spiritual and moving experience that I am so grateful to have had.

Most importantly, you held it together during two pregnancies.   The weight gain was alarming and I am sure that you were not as comfortable as you would have liked to have been.   The end result were two amazing young men who continue to teach and inspire me.

So, as we spend our last day together, please know that you have been a wonderful part of my life.   I am sure that the replacement will do a decent job, but nothing can take the place of the original.

I hope you enjoy retirement.   You certainly deserve some rest and relaxation.   Just know that I regret not being more appreciative of your presence.