Square Peg ● Round Hole







“Do you have a bedside potty or a tall toilet?”   “Do you have a walker?”  “Do you have steps going into your home that has a handrail?”  “Do you have enough help at home that you wouldn’t need a rehab facility?”    Bombarded by questions from my case manager at the hospital, I was instantly aware that the shit is getting real.   I proudly answered “yes” to all questions answered as if it were the entrance exam into a prestigious club.

I purchased some cute athletic wear that can be used during my therapy at the hospital.  Fashion is key in helping me feel good while I recover and, of course, I will be wearing a new addition – compression socks.   These are a must have to complete any outfit.  I am convinced that after a few weeks of showing them off to the public, they will be the new fashion trend.

Football season starts in a couple of weeks and I am determined not to miss it.   This is Bryce’s junior year and I want to be present for every moment.   Even if I have to be rolled in a wheelchair to the end zone where we usually reside, I will be there.  I told Bryce that I will probably have a sign saying something embarrassing or a big fat head of him, just to let everyone know that I am his Mom.  He wasn’t amused.  In fact, he knows I will do it, so that is the added bonus in having a little fun with my otherwise unfortunate circumstances.

It is a shift in my perception that will aid my recovery.   Humor is a must.   In every situation that I have walked through, laughing at myself (and others), has created a barrier to block the fear and anxiety.     It also provides me with excellent writing material and I am sure after this experience, my creative bucket will be overflowing.