Square Peg ● Round Hole







By now, you all have been very kind walking side by side with me while I navigate this unfamiliar terrain.    You haven’t told me to suck it up nor have you tried to fix me.  I can feel the genuine listening and virtual hugs.  Thank you for that.   Slowly, I am coming out the other side and beginning to have the awareness that this experience has brought true appreciation for everything in my life.

With all of that being said, I am quietly watching people I love walk through their own uneven terrain on a quest to finding peace and tranquility.   My youngest happens to be one of those that I am watching intently with wide eyes.    As any teenager, he is juggling a lot and barely keeping it together.  I want to help.  I want fix it.   However, as a mother, the best thing I can do is to love him, support him, and know that we have given him the tools to figure it out for himself.   That part of parenting sucks.

Living an unashamed life entails making mistakes, owning them, and then moving forward.  Figuring out what works best for you even if it doesn’t make you popular.  Most of all it is about forgiving yourself because, guess what, nobody is perfect.   I am learning a great deal on my unique journey of life.    My knee jerk reactions (pardon the pun, but I simply couldn’t resist) have been silenced due to my focusing on myself.  I have no choice in that matter.  My recovery depends on my dedication to me.   I simply have to show up and do the work.   Honestly, that pretty well sums up life.  You show up, do the best you can, and move forward.