Square Peg ● Round Hole







The beginning stages of a relationship can resemble a dance.  Navigating, positioning, getting to know the ins and outs of this new friend can be tedious, yet invigorating all at the same time.    However, this is a tricky one for me because my acquaintance is my new knee.     I know, it sounds weird, but it truly is the task at hand.   I want my knee to like me and to get along with the already established joints that have gathered together for the last forty-nine years for a common purpose – to keep me moving.

I talked to my knee…….a lot.    Yes, it is odd, but I want it to feel welcome.  After all, it came  late to the party.    During PT, I praise it for its hard work.   After PT, I try to be compassionate that it is angry and swollen.   I baby it all the while encouraging the other knee to hang in there and letting it know that the “new” knee will alleviate some of the pressure soon.

The other thing I am trying not to do is to label the non-replaced knee as the “bad” knee.  Nobody needs that kind of negativity.   So far, things are progressing nicely.   Of course, there is the occasional disagreement especially when I stand for too long or the fact that I technically could stand in the shower, but refuse to give up my shower chair.  Seriously, who wants to stand when one can sit?

I am conscious of continuing to thank my whole body for hanging in there with me through this whole ordeal.  We nap.  We elevate our new friend.   Most of all we are grateful that it is has integrated itself without incident.   We are one again.