Square Peg ● Round Hole







I keep residing in the euphoric moment of Tuesday night.  It was euphoric because I didn’t vomit, fall on the stage, or stare blankly at my audience.  I spoke my truth with conviction.  That is brave.  Please don’t confuse my words with stroking my ego, but rather a testament to being able to be authentic and transparent.   In other words, I just opened the door and invited strangers into my imperfect domain.

Someone said my words were impactful.  As a writer, that is a huge compliment.  Something that affirms that I am on the right path of self-discovery.  Sometimes our inspiration comes from a place unexpected.   I have been consumed by my recovery from my knee replacement and have neglected my craft.   Without nurturing, it wilts similar to a flower, but that word “impactful” spoke to me along with the variety of emails from strangers that shared their own stories and how mine resonated with them.   That is powerful.

I think as a writer, satisfaction arises from readers “getting you”.  In other words, it connects individuals and grows a foundation of commonality.   We aren’t so different from each other.   There is a thread that connects us all.  Creativity just invited me to continue that thread and I said “yes”.