Square Peg ● Round Hole







Storytelling is truly an art.  It is the ability express elaborate details while keeping your audience captivated.    Years before I discovered the rooms of Alanon, I loved being in the “know”.  This meant that I had all the knowledge…..the dirt, the scoop, any ingredient that I could share that involved other people.  Oh sure, I would justify the sharing, but in the long run the gossip or stories that I was spreading was a toxic blanket.   Gossip allowed me to not focus on the real issue…….me.

Writing for me is an expansion on the other side of what I was previously engaged in because the story I am writing is mine.   Sometimes it gets a little muddy because many times part of my story overlaps with my loves ones which creates a tricky situation of my story vs their story.   I have to be careful that what I share doesn’t betray the sanctity of their individuality.

When I was talking with a friend yesterday, she shared a very pivotal decision in her life that warrants my silence.  She has it.   It is far more important today to be the sanctuary that people can trust.    I often say, “it is not my story to tell” which solidifies that fact that I am the storyteller of my own adventures.    Even with the best of intentions, I am still learning that it is best to not repeat things that are said about others.  If I am meant to know, then they will tell me directly, otherwise it is simply none of my business.