Square Peg ● Round Hole







I think the path that society is taking us should have a name.  After all, GPS needs to know where we are going, so it would be nice for it to say “in 500 feet take a right at what the fuck.”  Yep, I say it a lot.   I used to say it quietly, but as I age I realize that my filter is deteriorating like most of my body parts.

About a month ago, I was given the challenge of gaining more followers for several of my social media platforms all to get a monetary raise that I really deserve minus the circus tricks.   I complied because I never back down from a goal and I did mutter “WTF” after I read the initial request.  With that being said, if someone offered me a dollar to eat a huge piece of cheesecake, I would decline.  That is my husband’s territory.  Everyone has their gifts.

Look, my world is baffling and confusing which most of the time leads me to a spewing of curse words that could potentially curl ones toes.  Those who truly know me, get my sense of semantics.  Those who don’t know me or are easily offended, well, they simply disappear.  I do enjoy the horrified looks that I receive when I drop the “F” bomb.   At almost 50 years old, I hardly care enough about offending anyone.  After all, society as a whole has gotten a little prickly, oversensitive, and completely cray cray, so in my little corner of the planet, I am free to be me instead of camouflaging myself to suit others.