Square Peg ● Round Hole







Sometimes, we fall into the crevice of the unheard.  The times when you speak your truth in a rational way and are met with disarming rhetoric that leaves you feeling alone.  I shared with someone that their reaction to something I did was unkind and I felt like it was an attack to a degree.   The other person’s perception was quite different.

These are the moments where one can feel inadequate, not validated, and most of all, frustrated.   What I was hoping for was the other person to simply say they were sorry.   I owned my part, but was told that I did not.    Situations like this provide me with an opportunity to either engage or walk away. To either be right or to be happy.  Sometimes I want both which is highly improbable.   I chose to engage because I felt like I wasn’t being heard.   This resulted in an argument.

Part of the growth process for me is learning to listen to others.  To fully hear how they feel and respond accordingly.   I felt that I had heard the other person and their frustration with my actions.    Sometimes our expectations of others fall short.   Then what do we do with the aftermath?  For me, I write my blog.  Sharing my experience and hoping that by putting it out there, I can learn from it.

I am not perfect.   I strive to do better everyday and sometimes I falter.  Other times I rally.  It is an uneven terrain to navigate.   While my emotions stir with confusion, I am comforted by the fact that I have choices.   We all simply want to be validated.   It is human nature.  Relationships are hard enough, but more so if there is a disconnect in communication.

The beautiful thing is that with time situations change.  For example, as I was writing this blog, I was offered an amends by the person in question.   They owned their part and affirmed me.    While I still have residue from the exchange, I feel heard and the frustration that swallowed me is slowly melting away.