Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am exhausted.   With the political world in a frenzy, there is additional hype on hoaxes, false videos, and an abundance of misinformation.   I have spent a good portion of the week, correcting the assumption of well-meaning individuals that Facebook is taking over our accounts and trying not be annoyed at all the untruths floating around the internet.   We are a society of gullibility.

Sadly, we jump to conclusions and post anything without further review.    We, as a society, are reactive, impulsive, and lack the ability to make a qualified decision.  At least that is what I am experiencing as I troll social media. Random videos about each candidate that reveal the supposed “truth”, hoaxes about the changes in Facebook policies, and the list goes on.   I can see why the world thinks we are a joke.

Even in personal relationships it is important to have all the facts before jumping to a conclusion.  It is so easy to see one side as truth if you don’t have information from the other side.    I am as guilty as the next person to assume things that I don’t know about, so I strive to teach my children to pause, gather more information, and make the best decision based on what you actually know as facts.    In the age of scary social media, I don’t click on unknown links, copy and paste crap to prove I am your friend (seriously, I know who my friends are), and most of all, I pray that we are a country of informed voters, because this is the most important election of our lifetime.