Square Peg ● Round Hole







Society has gotten toxic, tainted, and down right scary.   You can’t go five minutes without unkind words glaring at you on your electronic devices or watching the media for distorted “facts”.    This isn’t a rant on my own political beliefs.  This is a rant on being human.

I am fascinated on the litany of people who every day or every few minutes post political “truths” in order to sway their friends to believe what they believe.   I am oddly curious as to how many people change their perspective simply by being bullied by another person’s post.   Calling people names is absolutely the way to convince people of your stance.  (Please read the previous sentence in a sarcastic tone).

I feel like I have ventured onto a playground of unruly children who throw tantrums when they don’t get their way.     We teach our children to be kind – tolerant of others and their differing views.  Yet, here we are exchanging insults, demoralizing others, and not showing anyone any respect.

Even after the votes have been casts, the annoying commercials silenced, and our new leader in office, I imagine there will still be a laundry list of unhappiness.   I make it a policy to not discuss politics.  It isn’t really anyone’s business nor do I think I am that powerful to convince you otherwise.   Truth be told, I think our country will lose either way.  We are already a country divided and I don’t see either one of them being the glue to put us together.  So, my mantra is to simply remember that we are all human.  We ALL deserve to be treated respectfully and kindly.   Maybe we don’t have good examples to follow, but all I have to do is to look at my kids and remember they are watching.