Square Peg ● Round Hole







I often comment about the fact that my biggest teachers happen to be my children.   They are often the ones that keep me guessing and fill me with a sense of astounding awe as they navigate life.  They also are a large sum of the humor that radiates through me.  Take yesterday for example…..

Just like a typical Friday, Bryce and Bailey arrive home from school and we chat about the day.  Bryce heads downstairs to enjoy a brief stint playing video games before heading back up to school to help out with the football game.    My phone buzzes and I receive a message from a friend letting me know that her son has just informed her that he is fixing Bryce up, at his request, for the Homecoming dance slated for next weekend.    I reread the message twice and then double over in laughter.   Laughing only because this child, a week ago, basically told me he wasn’t interested in going, so this flip was a surprise.  I respond to my friend as if I were in on the secret. (If she is reading this, it will be a surprise to her as well that I had no idea. I am an excellent actress.)

I head downstairs with the information at hand and ask him about this latest development.   His response is that he didn’t say anything because he didn’t know if it would actually happen.   Well, it is happening.   In a span of thirty minutes, he and his date are now following each other on Instagram, snap chatting, and I already know the colors she is wearing so I can order her corsage.

The funny thing is that this generation doesn’t even remotely understand the concept of a blind date.   With social media, you can already know the person prior to publicly meeting them.   It is a little twisted to me, but I am old and not as hip as I would like to present myself.

I love the fact that my seventeen year old is putting himself out there and taking the initiative.    He truly is fearless in risk taking that would have riddled me with anxiety when I was his age.   As his life unfolds, I imagine there will be plenty more unexpected surprises that I can look forward to.  He never ceases to amaze me.