Square Peg ● Round Hole







That title grabbed your attention and my guess is you assumed I was talking about the F-word that I love to say.   Well, you would be wrong, but that’s okay because I just baited you to read my blog.   Good for me, and hopefully, good for you.

The F-word that I am talking about is fear.   The uncomfortable feeling that comes over you and stalls your growth…..takes you hostage…..and proceeds to suck the life right out of you.  Fear sucks, but fear is not the enemy.    Of course, we all should have a level of fear or we would randomly do stupid shit all the time.  My main objective is approaching fear like a scared child.  How would I talk to that timid tiny person about what scares them?

I often look to my children for guidance on fear.   My youngest Bryce is completely comfortable in his own skin.   This is foreign to me as I was the exact opposite at his age.  Today, he is venturing on an overnight retreat with some of his classmates.  When the opportunity came up, Bryce didn’t hesitate in saying he wanted to go.  Why is this unusual you ask?  Well, it was an optional retreat and he had no idea if any of his friends were going.   When I was his age, I would poll all my friends before I would commit to such a vulnerable setting.

You see, he had no fear in plunging into the unknown of this event.  He just said a resounding “YES”.   This is such a powerful example of being in the moment, grabbing life in a bear hug, and welcoming it like a long lost friend.   I still tend to reside in the pool of reservations, but I do think I am better about participating rather than abstaining.   After all, if I let fear rule my life, I wouldn’t have taken this job as a writer for the paper or taken a chance of sharing this blog where I put my soul out for display.

When you move forward in a state of curiosity, your whole world expands.  Fear can often disguise itself and manipulate us into believing that the opportunity isn’t right for us.  Today, I chose to show up, look at the menu of choices that the universe is providing for me, and simply, take a chance.  I never know what can happen, if I don’t put myself out there to experience it.