Square Peg ● Round Hole







I stayed rooted in the Midwest for several reasons, but the most prominent one is that I adore the change of seasons.  I love the freshness that each one brings.  The incredible vibrancy that brings my soul back to life and oozes tremendous gratitude.   It compares to the change within all of us.  Imagine if we stayed the same.  The consistency would lapse into utter boredom.

This morning the sun glistened on the trees and the wind made the leaves dance while floating to the ground.   The air was crisp which delighted me.  It was as if the seasons had merged and summer flowed effortlessly into autumn.  Each season brings its own gifts.  It encourages us to join the celebration.

I am giddy when fall and spring approach.  Not shy in my favoritism, I grab every opportunity to enjoy the newness that these two seasons provide.   Fall allows us to observe the vivid colors of the changing leaves.  The opportunity of shedding the old.  Spring is the rejuvenation of life.   New leaves emerge on the trees, colorful flowers poke their way through the ground and there is an energetic appreciation for the ending of winter.

This is the way I feel when I change.    We are always in a constant state of evolving.  When I shed the old ways of operating, it allows me to be more vibrant, energetic, and rejuvenated.   Staying the same would be like spending my whole life in the cold embrace of winter.  The change of seasons opens the door for endless possibilities.  While change is uncomfortable, staying stagnant has nothing redeeming to offer.