Square Peg ● Round Hole







In an effort to be transparent, I need to confess something.   Recently, I found joy in someone else’s misery.  Yes, that sounds mean spirited, spiteful, and most of all, unkind, but I am owning my humanness.   Let me just start out by saying that I am a firm believer in karma.  Like a boomerang, what you put out, is simply returned to you.   While my slip was only a short period of time, I quickly regained my footing.

This individual wasn’t a huge portion of my life, but there were instances when situations were made worse because, in my opinion, it gave this person pleasure to have all the power.    So, naturally, when I received the news of their misfortune, I got a little giddy.   I own it.

I can’t blame anyone for their affect on me.  If I allow their actions to spin my emotions out of control, that’s on me….not them.     It is a delicate dance, this human journey.   We are fallible, but we are not hostages to it.    We can move forward all the while learning from our previous slips.

The knowledge that I am gaining is that those who are unpleasant have a source from where that derives from.   It could be litany of things and while that is no excuse, it does give clarity to why people mistreat each other.