Square Peg ● Round Hole







After this past Thanksgiving, I stood in awe.    Probably because it was definitely one of the better ones and all because I was present.   Mindful, that by paying attention to my surroundings, I will survive….I will be at peace….but most of all, I will have conquered those holiday expectations.

First and foremost, I didn’t obsess with cleaning my house.   In the past, I would spent hours cleaning and fluffing for really no reason.   The house was presentable and I alleviated all the stress in that area by simply not participating.   The hubs and I worked as a team and I didn’t unleash any anxiety on to him because, well, I was pretty chill.  I had my mother’s favorite vodka.  Now, I know what you are thinking, but I was in no way  trying to have her drink herself into submission.  I merely wanted her to be pleasantly numb.

The conversation flowed effortlessly and avoided politics, religion, and my grandmother’s tombstone (trust me…..you don’t want to know).   When things might have looked like they were going south, God worked miracles and there were no slips, no amends needed, and everyone left our house with a smile on their face.

It is amazing what happens when I simply surrender.   Knowing that I am powerless over people, places, and things.   Knowing that everyone coming to the table has something of value and that it is simply my job to be in a place of acceptance.