Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have heard this many times, but it resonated most when the words were shared once again…..when someone’s words are hurtful or you are aware that you can’t change their minds on their perception of things, let the words they say, fall at their feet.  I love that visual.   The action of words simply floating down while finally settling on the ground.  Those words that were aimed to be harmful, lose their power once they are not acknowledged. It is a  reminder that not engaging might not be easy, but it certainly leaves one in a more peaceful state.

Besides the turkey, I know Thanksgiving can provide some anxiety while dealing with people.  Especially with the social issues surrounding our country along with family dynamics that is a recipe for an emotional hangover along with amends that will need to be delivered at Christmas.

I have to remember to put Thanksgiving in the context of it being just another Thursday.  All the hype can lead to unrealistic expectations.    This is just another Thursday where additional seats are filled, the food is extra delicious, and not every words that scrolls through my mind has to be uttered.  It is a process and thank God, a learning curve.