Square Peg ● Round Hole







I consider myself deep.  Not Dalai Lama deep, but when comparing myself to a pool, I would say I am about at the 5 foot area of the pool.   The more profound individuals are frolicking in the deep end.   I try not to read great literary works.   Often, when I try to read a book that is touted by a friend as a “must read”, it makes my head hurt.  I don’t like books that are sad, so I end up reading a lot of Janet Evanovich.     Imagine how I felt in my MFA program, engaging with great literary minds discussing the last book they read.  They were not impressed that Dr. Seuss was my favorite author.

I don’t consider it strange that I would rather spend a Saturday night curled up with a “fluff” book – right now it is Andy Cohen’s The Andy Cohen Diaries – A Deep Look into a Shallow Year – and cuddle with my dogs.   Last night, I dreamt that Andy was narrating my thoughts which was both scary and cool wrapped up together.

I am not envious……of anyone.    I guess that means I am pretty content or that maybe I am too lazy to be envious.  That requires a lot of time and energy.    I roll my eyes……a lot…..to the point that I don’t even know I am doing it.   It is a problem, but my eye rolls are less volatile than if I were to say what I was really feeling.   I prefer not to owe amends to anyone…..unless I am caught eye rolling.  Even then, if I don’t know I am doing it, do I still owe an amends?    Food for thought.

I guess  we all have our quirks that make us unique.   Sometimes I consider myself an enigma…..not to anyone else, just me.    When it comes down to it, I am most happy when I am dealing with like-minded individuals who don’t give a crap about “keeping up with the Joneses”.   Not my family, but those other “Joneses” that are first in line for the new Chick-fil-A, so they can get free chicken sandwiches for a year.  Who does that really?  Again, too lazy for that bullshit.