Square Peg ● Round Hole







My initial thoughts about voting tomorrow reside about where I am when scheduled for a pelvic examination……I don’t want to do it.     Yep, I just compared this shit show of an election to a pelvic exam.  Doesn’t get anymore real than that.    But in all seriousness, I am going to fulfill my civic duty and release the outcome.

I know that after all the votes are counted, the verbal bantering will only get worse.  I know that the party that doesn’t win will fill social media with accusations based on fear.  Fear is the driving force this election.   Fear that is supplemented with boisterous links that spout “truths” about the other party’s candidate.

Decision making is a process.  It shouldn’t be abrupt or based on emotion.  Once I make a choice, I release the outcome knowing that I have done my part in the process.  My vote is my business.    I won’t be bullying others if my choice doesn’t win, instead, I will support the other candidate even if it is just by praying for them.    Our kids our watching our response and I, for one, want to inspire and empower them.    So far, I am pretty worried about their image of our adult community.

Tomorrow, I am encouraging others to do a random act of kindness for someone.  This election has tainted our view of others.    Hold the door.  Smile at someone.  Pay it forward at Starbucks, but do something that will counteract the toxicity that has smothered us.  I know that is my intention, not just tomorrow, but everyday.