Square Peg ● Round Hole







Deep breath in and exhale…….continue to repeat over and over again until the the waves settle and you reside back in a place of peace.    It is so easy to allow outside entities to rob of us of our serenity.   In the craziness that life offers, the holidays are now a new added ingredient, so it is only human nature to get caught up in the chaos.  Breathe….it doesn’t last forever.

Even when the holidays are in the mix, we can allow people, places, and things to overwhelm us.  We get caught up in analyzing every situation, every exchange, which in turn makes us crazy and robs us of the present moment.   The holidays are really just another day on the calendar with some added sparkle.   I can choose to enjoy my gatherings with realistic expectations or I can get caught up in other people’s webs.   Everybody has a struggle, a story, and the list goes on, but not everyone copes well.  I have to remember to create a space to reside where I can accept everyone for who and where they are.   It doesn’t mean I have to like it or them, but it does allow me the opportunity to not allow someone to rob me of my inner peace.   That is like a private island for me which actually has a large neon sign that says, “KEEP OUT”.

Before any given gathering, I extend an invitation to my Higher Power to join me and help me see those around me as he sees them, and remembering that I can do anything for a couple of hours.    Here is a reminder:  inhale the good shit and exhale the bullshit.