Square Peg ● Round Hole







In the last few days I have felt a little unbalanced.   Life has been delivering uncertainty to friends that I love and on top of that, I have been encountering a lack of kindness from a small majority of people.   While it leaves a blanket of questions, I have to remember that there is more good in the world and I get to experience that on a daily basis.  I can’t let the actions of a few taint the overall picture.

Yesterday, I learned a friend lost her mother suddenly and that left me feeling sad.  Losing a parent, especially right before the holidays, sucks.   That really is the only word that describes the experience.  I have been there.  When my Dad died, it was two weeks before Christmas.  It was sudden and the holidays have never been the same for me.   In fact, I dread them.   Not because I can’t find joy in being with those that are still with me, but there is a void that can never be filled.     So, I am filled with deep empathy and compassion as she walks through her grief.

So many others are walking through some tricky situations and I am very mindful that life can change in a moment.   It is a reminder that being in the present is so vital in order to truly experience the gifts around me.    I am so grateful for the awareness because there was a time when I resided in either the past or the future.   I only vacationed in the present and those times were fleeting.    I missed a lot.

Life is messy, but I need to remember that I can find happiness, love, kindness, compassion, and a list of other positive things despite the ugliness that might surround me.    All is well as long as I stay in the moment.