Square Peg ● Round Hole







Even the most tense or difficult situations, humor is the ingredient that can shift your perspective and give you a much needed laugh.  After the most ridiculous, one-sided drama with one of my tool testers this week, I can sit back and marvel at the insanity, but along with that, find the laughter.   Laugh because life is just too serious.

All this week, I have been touting this fathead of my youngest son in anticipation of his football team’s playoffs.   What started as just a minor annoyance for the real Bryce has turned into this epic, fun adventure for fathead Bryce.  I have literally entertained myself with thinking up places to take him  all the while posting our adventures on social media.  This is allowed me to shift the focus from the craziness to something light, airy, and pure fun.  Now it has taken on a life of its own.   My focus is “where can I take fathead Bryce today” instead of any negative thoughts that might be swimming around in my head.   Humor has a healing power.

Isn’t it interesting that a piece of flat cardboard would give me so much inspiration?   The entertainment factors are endless and frankly, it may warrant an extension of fun after playoffs end.   You see, that simple, enlarged photo of my son’s head has extended the humor to others.    It has been this contagious stream of comedy that is welcome no matter what life is presenting.