Square Peg ● Round Hole







I woke up in the wee hours of the morning blanketed in deafening silence and Bailey standing over me with a flashlight.  At some point we had lost power. Brian is out of town, which even if he were here, he would ask why I was waking him up to tell him the power was out.  Of course, the dogs decided it would be the best time to go outside and there I am, flashlight (pin light actually) held in my mouth while I navigate two very annoying Basset hounds.  It wasn’t pretty and then when I came back inside, Bailey told me the ghosts are out and he is scared.   So, I load two Bassets and my 21 year old special needs son in the bed with me and hope we can go to sleep.   The three of them did while I laid awake to solve all the world’s problems.

Life is so uncertain and unbalanced.    Glitches can throw us off course and keep us on edge.  While this is a small blip on my life screen, it makes me keenly aware of those larger obstacles that take our breath away.    So many people that I care about are walking through painful events and it makes me pause.    Life isn’t always smooth.   Difficulties are inevitable, but how we respond to them is key.    Allowing these experiences to transform us can lead to our own evolution.   It doesn’t have to paralyze us.   Each situation is presented to me like a gift.  While some are difficult, I find that every opportunity in life is somehow a lesson.   If I am a willing student, then it opens my world up to endless blessings.

This is what stirred in my head while swimming in the darkness.    I thought about how I should go on and type my blog, but then reality set in and I realized that computers depend on electricity to function.   Amazingly enough after I did drift off to sleep, this concept was still forefront in my mind, which is pretty astounding considering I often think I have a leak somewhere in my brain.  Sometimes I can’t remember shit.

So today is a new day and I am open to the possibilities it has to offer.  I pray that I have the willingness to accept God’s plan instead of mine.  Right now I am open to that, but the day is still young.