Square Peg ● Round Hole







It has become apparent that when I disengage, the power dies.  Sometimes, it is best to simply not respond.  No matter what you say or express, the chances that the words will be misconstrued or simply distorted can result in a bigger gap of disconnection.  The only logical action is silence.  Silence doesn’t mean indifference but rather the ability to not allow your feelings to be unleashed in a hurtful manner.

Today, I was met with a dialogue that resulted in someone’s needs not being filled.   While I don’t agree with their perception versus how I see things, I was abruptly taken by surprise that there was no middle ground.  It was an all or nothing ultimatum.  The old me would have reacted in anger.    But, as I have learned, my best defense in situations that are volatile is to pause.  Pausing when agitated eases any sort of interaction that is fueled by emotion.

My end has remained silent.  As I look at the situation from the other side, I see fear and loss wrapped up in blanket of regrets.  Mind you, none of this is mine.  I can’t be something I am not nor will I conform just to ease someone else’s discomfort.   That isn’t my responsibility.      What I can do is be gentle with myself, pray for the other person, and be grateful that by being silent, my side of the street remains clean.