Square Peg ● Round Hole







In the last few years, I have become oddly reflective as a year comes to a close.  Maybe it is the aging process or quite possibly, it might be a measuring stick on how far I have come.   If you read my blog last year, you know my intense dislike for New Year’s resolutions.  They are frivolous, meaningless words that subject individuals to a list of unrealistic expectations.   By the second week of the year, Jane Doe has gone from the resolution of losing 50 pounds to devouring an entire chocolate cake.   It doesn’t mean Jane is weak, it means Jane needs to tone the expectations down.

For me, each new year brings me things I would like to avoid.  Like avoiding surgery since 2016 brought me two of them along with physical therapy.  Loving my new knee, but the process sucked.   However, my shiny, new knee will transport me through two European trips next year, so 2017 is already looking attractive.

Goals are fine to set.  They are reasonable because you can tweak them. Resolutions seem so final.   They are a staunch representation of all the failures we experience.   Setting our sights to things that are obtainable seems like an excellent way to approach this new beginning.

For me, 2016 has been full of surprises – some with sprinkles, others were  unassuming, while the ones that stood out and made an emotional impact taught me that I am strong, that I can weather any storm as long as I speak my truth, and that unexpected detours are combined with blessings.    Celebrate the good, mourn the losses, and look to the new year as a fresh start minus the resolutions.