Square Peg ● Round Hole







While this week has given me numerous opportunities to expand my growth potential, I do love to indulge in pure bliss.    Those moments that literally lift you off of your feet bring those difficult blips into perspective.   My spiritual foundation is made stronger by walking through uncomfortable situations.  Sounds bizarre, but I would rather learn and grow than remain stagnant.  Life is meant to be celebrated not simply endured.  Every moment – difficult or blissful – blooms into something pivotal.

While happiness is definitely an emotion that I feel most of the time, it is elevated to a different level when being a keen observer of my boys.   As they navigate life, I am reminded that they have the cornerstone on true acceptance.  Last week, Bryce put himself out there by trying out for his high school’s spring musical.   A feat that was out of his comfort zone, but he went for it.   It was amazing to watch his fearlessness and his ability to detach from the outcome.  He was just relieved the audition was over and he was secure in the knowledge that whatever happens, he would still be involved whether it was a part in the play or handling stage duties.    He was comfortable.   Geez, how did he get to that spiritual level at age seventeen?

Yesterday, he came home with the news that he did get a part in the musical.  Holy crap!!!   I was so blown away that I might have been more excited than he was or at least I showed it.  While he was pleased, he is still a male, so his glee was probably contained.   I guess my point in all of this is that life is meant to be celebrated even without something amazing happening.    Everyday there is something grand happening!   Are you breathing?  Do you have people in your life that love you?    The list could go on and on.  My point is stop simply enduring life……live it…..breathe it……..soak it up…….life is a continuous celebration even if things don’t appear that they are going a certain way, the outcome might surprise you.