Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have written before that I surround myself with beautiful, empowering women who allow me to be quirky, imperfect, and accept me into their tribe and them into mine.   It is partnered with a foundation of trust and authenticity because I don’t have time for anything fake, dishonest, or those with a hidden agenda. My diverse tribe all bringing something amazing to the table.  But, I do especially cherish my creative peeps who keep me on my toes.

While I am patiently navigating my lazy writing routine, I have found ways to spark my creativity.   Sure, I have my writing workshop, but with the holiday break, I cling to my Saturday morning dialogues with a good friend and fellow writer.   I have known this individual for over forty years, but have come to really know her in the last few years. We gather on our phones at 10 am armed with what is sure to be entertaining dialogue.   The week prior, we agree on a writing prompt that is to be emailed before our conversation.  This gives us time to read it and give each other a critique of the work.  The over an hour conversation is mixed with writing ideas, life happenings and a general overview of the week.  It is a true connection.

This past Saturday, some words tumbled out of my mouth.  It surprised me and before I could retract them, my friend had already agreed to the suggestion.  Let me preface by saying that we are both horrible procrastinators with trying to write our prospective stories, so my idea was to be accountable to complete the first chapter with the intent to send it to the other person, honestly critique it, so that revisions can begin and hopefully, it will ignite the creative process.

So, that is what we are doing.   We are being accountable to each other.   This goes beyond writing and can be applied to any goal one wants to accomplish.     We need that village to help us grow, learn, and most of all connect.     Maybe we will complete our writing goals or maybe we won’t, but I do know that I will have more fun trying with a little help from my friend.