Square Peg ● Round Hole







2017 will bring me a milestone birthday……..yes, the fifties will be arriving and I must say, I am pretty pleased about it.  Dreading the arrival seems to be a common practice among women.   God forbid anyone scream, “YAY…..I am going to be fifty!”.

But, here I go…..”YAY!!!   I am going to be fifty!!!”.   Maybe, I am tickled because I feel like my life is unfolding in a really awesome way.  Maybe, I am content in my own skin and realizing that there is so much more ahead of me.  I don’t know, maybe I am just residing in the minority.

I have often heard that age is just a number.  I don’t feel like I am balancing between my forties and fifties.  Oh sure, I had a knee replacement and my body is in constant change, but I still feel viable and somewhat hip.   And no, fifty is not the new forty.  Fifty is fifty.   I think someone in advertising thought that novelty up, but the reality is if you are happy, then age really isn’t a factor.   If your happiness isn’t contingent on circumstances, then age really isn’t a factor.

I am taking a lesson from my mother as well.   She waited her whole life for “the right time”.  The right time to travel abroad, to find her passion, and, well, to do the things that she craved, but there was always the dangling “right time”.  Sadly, the window passed and with age, brought fear of doing the things she desperately wanted to do.  I don’t want to look back on my life with remorse, but rather with happy reflection.

The right time is now.    2017 is filled with travel to foreign lands, escapes with girlfriends, living in the moment, and smiling because my fifties are going to rock.